Olive Oil Soap with Lavender
IDEAL FOR ALL SENSITIVE SKIN TYPES Recommended for all skin types and especially gentle for sensitive, or acne-prone skin, CALITHEA Olive Oil soap with Lavender helps reduce the symptoms of Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis. Formulated with Olive and Lavender Oils,...
Olive Oil Soap with Honey
SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Recommended for all skin types and especially gentle for sensitive, or acne-prone skin, CALITHEA Olive Oil Soap with honey helps to refine, soften, and moisturize skin. It is also known to help unclog and open...
Olive Oil Soap with Shea Butter & Oatmeal
IDEAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Treat yourself to CALITHEA’S Olive Oil Soap with Shea Butter and Oatmeal and unlock the secret to healthy and radiant skin. Suitable for all skin types, the Olive Oil Soap with Shea Butter and Oatmeal...
7-in-1 LED Light Therapy Mask
 RED Led Light Therapy: (Wavelength between 650nm to 730nm) helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Treat wrinkles and saggy skin. Also believed to reduce cytokines, which cause inflammation.  Blue Led Light Therapy: (Wavelength between 525nm to 550nm)...
Post Radiation Skin Cream
Post Radiation Cream is formulated to help soothe damaged skin with a custom blend of antioxidants and nutrients. This moisturizing cream is packed full with Skin Actives' signature Sea Kelp Bioferment and a unique blend of nine oils including jojoba,...
Olive Oil Soap with Honey
Recommended for all skin types and especially gentle for sensitive, or acne-prone skin, CALITHEA Olive Oil Soap with honey helps to refine, soften, and moisturize skin. It is also known to help unclog and open pores, which is essential for...
Nuria Defend - Exfoliator
Exfoliate the old and reveal the new. Brighten up your complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the natural exfoliating power of Ginkgo. Plant-based Lactic Acid sheds away dead cells, revealing clean and radiant skin. BENEFITS:...
Samara Pink Turkish Towel
Wrap yourself in the most sustainable choice! Ethically crafted from recycled cotton according to the Turkish ancient tradition. Enjoy the softness, versatility and beautiful design of Samara Pink Turkish Towel, it doesn't matter if you are a pool lounger, a...
$151.99 $51.99
Body Butter
SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Recommended for all skin types, CALITHEA’s Body Butter with Cocoa Butter and Vanilla helps to refine, moisturize, and softly scent the skin. With a pleasing vanilla scent, the velvety smooth body butter is formulated with...
Olive Oil Body Lotion with Aloe Vera: 97% Natural Content
Packed with Aloe vera, organic Olive and Avocado Oils, Calithea’s Body Lotion gently heals, hydrates, softens, and restores, producing radiantly fresh and supple skin. This gentle, clean and natural lotion is the perfect addition to your morning or bedtime beauty...
Olive Oil 100% Soap Bar: 100% Natural Content
Developed and created to redefine skincare for people of all ages, CALITHEA’S signature Olive Oil Bar Soap should be an essential component in everyone’s daily skin and body care routine. Olive oil, the soap’s main ingredient, is full of nutrients,...
Cell Renewal Exfoliating Gel
Selected Skin Care Cell Renewal Exfoliating Gel is designed to resurface and refresh your skin without redness or irritation. Our unique combination of Hemp Oil and Plant Stem Cells is specifically formulated to lift dead skin cells and surface debris,...
$299.00 $24.99
Golden Orchid Luxury Facial Mask - SE-36
Golden Orchid Luxury Facial Mask is a skin purifying and hydrating facial mask. This mask adds a glow and a touch of luxury to your skincare regime. Red gold and coconut oil are two of the Earth’s rich natural treasures....
$999.00 $57.99
Instant Face Lift 30ml- SE-33 Miracle
Apply Selected Cosmetics MIRACLE INSTANT FACE LIFT, then sit back and watch the miracle happen. This powerful combination of minerals and antioxidants firms and tightens the skin, providing the look of an instant face lift. Antioxidant properties provide skin-nurturing benefits...
$299.00 $49.99
Instant Firming Serum 30ml- SE-32 Miracle
Miracle Intensive Firming Serum by Selected Cosmetics is packed with natural botanical and powerful antioxidants that rejuvenate aged skin cells and promote healthy, youthful-looking skin. This unique formulation plumps the skin as it fills lines and wrinkles. The natural antioxidants...
$299.00 $49.99
Body Butter - Paraben Free - 270g
Enjoy the luxurious feeling of soft, smooth, and glowing skin with selected body butter. The high amounts of rich oil extracted from safflower seeds, antioxidants, and vitamin e nourish your skin and leave it supple and hydrated. Natural and paraben-free,...
$59.99 $14.99
Wrinkle Eraser Syringe
The rose is the world’s universal symbol of love and beauty. But this iconic flower also does beauty wonders on the skin, providing calming, reparative, and protective effects. Our Selected Skin Care Rising Collection harnesses the complex array of vitamins,...
$399.00 $52.99
Rejuvenating Colagen Orchid Serum 40ml
Selected Skin Care Rejuvenating Orchid Serum is a luxurious serum that features the powerful complex of orchid stem cells and caviar extract. Our unique revitalizing formula repairs wrinkles, elasticity, and firmness, leaving your skin as velvety, smooth, and radiant as...
$799.99 $49.99
Selected Bio-Collagen Masks FM-12pc. / EM-12pc.
The Selected Skin Care Eminence Beauty Kit includes 12 Bio-Repair Stem Cell Mask Treatments for the face and eyes. Infused with an innovative blend of Swiss apple stem cells and bio collagen, the masks are formulated to nourish the deep...
$2,999.99 $142.99
Rejuvenating Collagen Orchid Mask 50ml
Selected Skin Care Rejuvenating Orchid Collagen Mask is formulated with a dozen different orchid species and fruit extracts to help the skin retain moisture, fight free radicals, and stimulate cell turnover. Orchid stem cells are blended with a soluble collagen...
$999.99 $49.99
Rejuvenating Collagen Orchid Cream 50ml
Selected Skin Care Rejuvenating Orchid Cream is a powerful anti-aging cream that delivers ultra-firming and restructuring benefits. The unique formulation of orchid stem cells, skin conditioning anti-oxidants, and a collagen amino acid complex penetrate deep into your skin to help...
$799.99 $49.99
24K Luxurious Gold Peel Mask 100ml
Description Luxurious 24K Gold peel face mask is enhanced with gold powder which helps re-energize and stimulate the skin cells to provide the ultimate experience for an anti-aging facial treatment. This special golden formula rejuvenates the skin to work on...
$390.00 $49.99
Black Caviar Magic Instant Lifting Cream - 30ml
Description Experience your youth all over again when you apply Rajeunir’s Magic instant lifting cream. Our product works like magic, removing fine lines and wrinkles within minutes of applying, and lasts for up to 8 hours per application. In the...
$820.00 $42.99
Black Caviar Nano Crystal Powder - 12 pcs
Description Rajeunir’s Nano Crystal Powder fights aging cells with a collagen formulated boost. Its purpose is to improve skin hydration while defending against fine lines and wrinkles. An extensive scientific solution to soften and brighten damaged skin cells utilizing rich...
$5,000.00 $207.99
Lifting Mask LM 50ml
Description Use this instant beauty-enhancing and lifting mask whenever your skin needs an immediate uplift. This multi-purpose mask works to give your skin a lift while nourishing and smoothing it. It uses the power of caviar extract – a rare...
$200.00 $57.99
Brightening Peel BP 30ml
Description Brightening Peel – An innovative skin resurfacing formula based on double action of removal and brightening. Inside this unique treatment is the caviar extract. The caviar aids the cell regeneration process while nourishing the skin with vitamins, minerals, lipids,...
$230.00 $32.99
Mega Cream MC 50ml
Description The luxurious Mega Cream is the ultimate choice when it comes to addressing the skin care needs of mature skin. Powerful caviar extract helps to reenergize and revitalize your skin while delivering intensive nutritional benefits and aiding the cell...
$165.00 $49.99
Lifting Booster LB 20ml
Description A concentrated lifting booster based on a superior formula that uses luxurious black caviar The caviar is a highly prized ingredient due to its essential amino acids, structuring peptides, proteins, and essential fatty acids. The Lifting Booster was specially...
$185.00 $49.99
Injector Advanced Non Surgical Collagen Solution 13ml
DESCRIPTION Our creamy collagen solution will dramatically reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and expression lines. This lightweight cream is a safe alternative to cosmetic injections; it delivers instant results and effectively prevents the formation of new lines. HOW TO USE Apply...
$250.00 $62.99

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