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Alpha Beta Exfoliant | Texture Renewal Collection - 2-Pack

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Alpha-Beta Exfoliant Solution exfoliates the skin to keep pores clear and minimize their appearance using both AHA in form of lactic acid and BHA as salicylic acid. Rosehip seed oil provides essential fatty acids to hydrate, leave skin feeling soft and help reduce irritation. Consider using Skin Actives Collagen Serum or Hyaluronic Acid Serum with EGF after treating your skin with the Alpha Beta Exfoliant, and use a sunscreen daily. This post treatment will improve results and act as a facial by keeping the skin from drying out. The exfoliating ingredients reduce dullness on the surface of the skin. Dead skin cells are wiped away while oiliness is reduced. Alpha Beta Exfoliant is designed to reduce pore size and keeps them clear of impurities. Use this as a way to relieve stress and use the gentle exfoliators to keep breakouts at bay while your skin enjoys feeling healthy and light. Suitable for people who successfully tolerate medium level chemical peels or professional level treatments. Not suitable for people with sensitive skin.