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Electric TENS Pulse Technology Portable Neck Massager

Electric TENS Pulse Technology Portable Neck Massager

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How to Use in 4 Easy Steps:
#1 Charge Your Neck Massager by inserting USB Charging Cord in charging port.
#2 Wipe your Neck with a Damp Towel and Remove any Jewelry
#3 Place Neck Massager Around Your Neck and Turn on Unit by Pressing Power button on (bottom button on side of unit)
#4 Adjust intensity by pressing top button on side of unit to increase intensity or press button button on side of unit to decrease intensity.

Breakthrough portable electronic neck massager that provides real relief from neck pain and discomfort when you need it the most. Every RelaxUltima neck massager has these amazing benefits: reduces neck pain, stiffness, & discomfort, 107°F heating function (feels amazing!), safe to use for entire family, snug fit around the neck (made for maximum comfort), quiet, light, portable, comfortable as a warm towel, rechargeable battery (1 hour of charging lasts 10 days).
COMFORTABLE AS A WARM TOWELCutting-edge design provides maximum comfort. A combination of heat and gentle electrostimulation creates a soothing, relaxing, and enjoyable experience.
DEEP RESTORATIVE MASSAGE107 degrees Fahrenheit plus TENS Technology (gentle electric impulses moving through skin) support muscle pain reduction, deep relaxation, and stress reduction.
LIGHT, PORTABLE, & CORDLESSRelaxUltima Neck Massager weighs only 5.6oz. It's small and rechargeable battery, that lasts 1 month on a single charge, means you can take it anywhere.
"PERFECT FIT" ERGONOMIC DESIGNRelaxUltima Neck Massager breakthrough ergonomic design is 1 size fits all. Flexible U-shaped design plus soft silicone pads fits large and small neck sizes, while providing maximum comfort.
EASY TO USE: 3 MODES + 15 INTENSITY LEVELSChoose between tapping, shiatsu, and acupuncture therapy. Press + or - button to increase or decrease intensity. Press button on upper left to turn 107 degrees on or off.
Every RelaxUltimaTM Neck Massager has these amazing benefits:

Reduce Your Neck Pain, Stiffness & Soreness
6 Intensity Levels.
96°F Heating Function feels Amazing
Safe to Use for Entire Family.
Snug Fit Around Your Neck. Made for Maximum Comfort.
Quiet, Light, Portable & Comfortable as a Warm Towel.
Rechargeable Battery. Lasts 10 days before needs recharging.
Tips For Use
#1 Make sure to wet your neck before using, otherwise you will not feel charge
#2 Make sure you fully charged neck massager before use
#3 Remove all neck jewelry
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