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Face Cleansing Oil, Travel-size, 30ml

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Suitable for all faces, even the most sensitive ones. 

  • Melts away all traces of the day
  • Dissolves & removes waterproof makeup
  • Exclusively oil-based
  • Naturally free from dehydrating substances
  • Protects the skin mantle and microbiome
  • Nurtures lashes, brows & beards
  • 7 cold-pressed organic oils
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E
  • Omega 6 & 9 

This skin-protecting formula is a gentle blend of 7 soothing cold-pressed organic oils, selected for their nurturing features, combined to create a mild yet effective wipe-off cleanser. Leaving all faces soft and supple. Apply onto dry skin, soak a face cloth in warm water and wipe off. 

Exclusively oil-based and naturally free from dehydrating substances. Featuring Antioxidant Vitamin E and Omega 6 & 9.

Suitable for all faces, even the most sensitive ones. This mini-bottle is sized to give you a generous and complete experience when discovering our cleansing oil.


Smoothly melts away pollution, grime, sunscreen and all makeup (even waterproof mascara), as well as lifting excess sebum from your skin, leaving it soft and supple. 

Protects and supports your skin’s mantle and its microbiome. 

Nurturing for lashes and brows – beards too (if you have one).