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100Pcs 100mm 3.94in Plastic Plant Nursery Pots Garden Seedlings Flower Container Seed Starting Pots with 8Pcs Drainage Holes

100Pcs 100mm 3.94in Plastic Plant Nursery Pots Garden Seedlings Flower Container Seed Starting Pots with 8Pcs Drainage Holes

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These 100Pcs plants nursery pots are suitable for greening projects, home gardening, flower display in shopping malls, garden nursery and so on. Nursery cultivation is very suitable for succulent plants and mini landscape plants. Made of PP material, our seedling plant container has no stimulating smell. The nursery pot can be restored to its original shape by hand once deformed, and can be reused after washing. Drainage holes on the bottom ensure proper humidity, which allow plants to breathe freely.

Flexible & Reusable Plant Nursery Pots: The pot is made of soft plastic, which is lightweight, reusable and restored after being compressed without broken. The raised rim design allows you to handle and stack the pots easily. Save space when not in use.

Fast Drainage Bottom Holes: Multiple drainage holes provide a healthy living environment for plants. It allows water in the soil to drain freely so adequate air is available for the roots. Most plants are hardly to tolerate growing in stagnate water. Healthy roots mean healthier plants.

Gardening Necessity: Perfect for starting seedlings or transplanting seedlings from smaller cells into these pots. These pots are perfect for indoor outdoor plants, vegetables, flowers, professional nursery cultivation and gardening. You can use them in your yard, garden, porch, greenhouse and more.

100Pcs Plant Container: Set of 100Pcs flower pots are suitable for planting most small and medium-sized plants like peace lily, snake plant, mint, orchid, parlor palm, devil\'s ivy, or herbs, brightening up your living place.

Beautiful & Practical: The plastic nursery pot is integrated with simple design, brick red exterior and dark interior, It\'s beautiful and practical. 100Pcs nursery pots of various plant, flower or seeds on your backyard, form a beautiful landscape.

Brand: iMounTEK
Product Type: Plastic Plant Nursery Pots
Materials: PP
Color: Brick Red
Diameter Size Options: 100mm/3.94in;130mm/5.12in;170mm/6.69in
Drainage Holes: 8Pcs (100mm Size); 12Pcs (130mm/170mm Size)
Per Hole Size: 1.2cm/0.47in
Per 100mm Item Size: 100x100x80mm/3.94x3.94x3.15in
Per 130mm Item Size: 130x130x110mm/5.12x5.12x4.33in
Per 170mm Item Size: 170x170x150mm/6.69x6.69x5.91in
100mm Package Size: 330x170x100mm/12.99x6.69x3.94in
100mm Package Weight: 565g/1.25lbs
130mm Package Size: 37x15x15cm/14.57x5.9x5.9in
130mm Package Weight: 745g/1.65lbs
170mm Package Size: 48x19x20cm/18.9x7.48x7.88in
170mm Package Weight: 1572g/3.47lbs

100x Plastic Plant Nursery Pots

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