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9Pcs Orchid Pots Clear Reusable Plastic Flower Plant Nursery Planter Seed Starter Pots with Drainage Holes with 32.8FT Rope 4.72in/5.51in/6.29in

9Pcs Orchid Pots Clear Reusable Plastic Flower Plant Nursery Planter Seed Starter Pots with Drainage Holes with 32.8FT Rope 4.72in/5.51in/6.29in

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Orchids are accustomed to temperatures of 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit, a steady supply of water and good air circulation. Our transparent orchid pots with multiple drainage bottom holes create the best growing conditions for them. Improve the health of roots and easy to check the moisture of the soil anytime. The orchid pots for repotting are very lightweight and can be moved easily and are suitable for hanging. The flower pot suits for repeatedly use. Ideal for all orchid types, African violets, tropical plants and more.

Premium PP Materials: Adopt premium PP materials, the flower pot is hard and durable , will not break or deform easily even when dropped. Easy to clean and can be used repeatedly. The widened top edge makes the orchid pot easy to lift and move. Plastic orchid pots are lighter and less fragile than ceramic and glass pots.

Keep Your Root Healthy: Come with multiple bottom drainage holes, provide enough space for air circulation and drain excess water, thus mimic the natural growing conditions of orchids. The bottom of the orchid pot is raised in the middle to help eliminate water logging. Hole slots are well sized so that the potting medium does not fall out.

Visible Transparent Flower Pot: Orchid pots are clear, allowing you to observe the root growth of the plant and the moisture of the soil anytime. The transparent plastic material and side slots allow better photosynthesis of the plants, enhancing the vitality of the orchid roots and making it more vigorous.

Wide Applications: This pot is specially designed for orchids such as dendrobiums, phalaenopsis, peace lily, succulents, cattleya, snake plants and so on. This pot can be worked as inner container of ceramic pots without having to replace the whole pot to damage the plant.

Set Of 9 PP Pots: Our orchid pots come in packs of 9 and are available in 3 sizes, that is 4.72in; 5.51in and 6.29in The lightweight orchid pots can be placed on a countertop or hung up. Simply use the included cotton rope and tie a knot on either side of the orchid pot to hang the orchid pot, which will save space.

Brand: iMounTEK
Product Type: Clear Nursery Pots
Materials: PP
Cotton Rope Length: 10m/32.8ft
Pot Opening Diameter: 120mm/4.72in; 140mm/5.51in; 160mm/6.29in
120mm Item Size: 120x120x90mm/4.72x4.72x3.54in
120mm Per Item Weight: 24g/0.05lbs
140mm Item Size: 140x140x100mm/5.51x5.51x3.93in
140mm Per Item Weight: 30g/0.07lbs
160mm Item Size: 160x160x120mm/6.29x6.29x4.73in
160mm Per Item Weight: 52g/0.12lbs
Package Size:17.5*17.5*17.5cm/6.88x6.88x6.88in
Package Weight: 457g/1lbs

3Pcs x 120mm Flower Pots
3Pcs x 140mm Flower Pots
3Pcs x 160mm Flower Pots
1x Cotton Rope

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