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Airpod Pen Cleaner Kit - Multi-Function, Laptop, Phone, Screen, Earphone Cleaning Brush, Charging Case, Flocking Sponge - White -

Airpod Pen Cleaner Kit - Multi-Function, Laptop, Phone, Screen, Earphone Cleaning Brush, Charging Case, Flocking Sponge - White -

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It\'s not just a headphone cleaning pen kit, it can also clean your computer, phone and camera. If you have a lot of electronic equipment, this portable cleaning kit will be a perfect choice. The tip of the cleaning pen is just like the tip of the pen, which can clean the small parts and holes of the earbuds to achieve preliminary cleaning. A soft microfiber brush above the pen tip can deeply clean the small parts and holes of the earbuds. Flocking brush cleans the charging station easily. Washable fiber flannelette, in the combination use of spray bottle, wipes the screen of electronic device clean and no finger print. 5 In 1 cleaning kit is a must have for your daily use and travel use.

*All In 1 Cleaning Kit: This 5-in-1 earpods cleaner kit includes a metal pen tip, high-density brush, flocking sponge, fiber flannel, screen cleaner spout, and no cleaning spray. The pen tip cleans stubborn dust, the brush cleans the headphone outlet, the flocking sponge cleans the headphone case, and the fiber flannelette easily removes oil and fingerprints from your phone, tablet, laptop, monitor and TV screen.

*Detachable Sprayer Bottle: Come with a detachable spray bottle, fill in the cleanser(not included), face the spout to the electronic device, once you press down, the cleanser will be sprayed evenly on the device, save you much time and achieve the optimal cleaning effect.

*Universal Cleaning Kit: The phone cleaning kits can clean the Airpod, and the Airpod case, headphones, phones, keyboards, laptops and hearing aid watch cleaning tools. This cleaning kit keeps your electronics products much neater.

*Lightweight & Portable: 5 In 1 Cleaning kit is ultra-lightweight and only measures 0.07lbs, put it on your backpack and use them anytime anywhere.

*Practical Electronic Accessory Cleaning Kit: A necessary cleaning kit for you if you have multiple electronic devices. It can be presented to others who are game players, music lover and white collars.

Friendly Reminder:
1. Please air dry the Fiber Flannelette after cleaning.
2. Please keep it away from kid due to metal tip of cleaning pen.
3. Please put the silicone cover on the pen tip after using.
4. Keep the spray spout clean and unclog after each time using.

Brand: iMounTEK
Product Type: Electronic Device Cleaning Kit
Color: White + Grey
Spray Bottle Capacity: 5ML/0.17OZ
Materials: Washable Fiber Flannelette; Flocking Sponge; Metal Tip; ABS; Silicone Cover
Item Size: 4x7.4x2cm/1.57x2.91x0.79in
Item Weight: 30g/0.07lbs
Package Size: 11x5.5x2.5cm/4.33x2.17x0.99in
Package Weight: 45g/0.1lbs

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