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One Pair Boot Stretcher Adjustable Width Shoe Shaper Wooden Boot Widener Expander for Men Women - - Medium

One Pair Boot Stretcher Adjustable Width Shoe Shaper Wooden Boot Widener Expander for Men Women - - Medium

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This pair of stretchers is used to stretch the width of all kinds of boots and other tight-fitting shoes, helping to get rid of bunions, corns, hammertoes. They can also be used to stretch new shoes, shorten the painful break-in period. With them, you can transform any pair of boots into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes. 8 Removable pressure relief plugs are also included, helping to stretch targeted areas of your boots.

Wooden Boot Stretcher: Made of solid pine and polished metal, it’s heavy, smooth, and sturdy. It can be used to stretch the width of boots, keeping them in shape and preventing wrinkles and collapse from appearing. Besides, it can also effectively absorb odor and moisture, extending service life of the boots.

Relieve Tightness Of New Shoes: It helps relieve you of the pain brought by tight shoes or breaking in new shoes. 8 Removable pressure relief plugs aid in pain relief caused by corns, calluses, bunions, Hammertoes, overlapping toes, toe pain, and pinched toes.

Easy To Use: Put boot stretchers into your boots with the plugs in the holes. Then turn the cranks clockwise to adjust the width of the stretchers for perfect fit. Leave them in place for at least 24 hours. Finally, turn the cranks anti-clockwise until you can easily take them out of the boots.

Compatible Size: With a 14.4in shaft, it’s suitable for all kinds of boots regardless of their heights. Recommended shoe size: US: 7-8.5(men); 8.5-11(women). UK: 6.5-8(men); 6.5-9(women).

Wide Application: Can be used for all kinds of boots, causal shoes, fashion sneakers, flats ,peep toes, pointed toe, wedges, leather shoes, and etc..

Brand: Fresh Fab Finds
Product Type: Boot Stretcher
Color: Yellow
Material: Pine+Plastic+Metal
Size Options: S/M/L
Adjustable Width: 7.5-9.5cm/2.95-3.75in
Recommended Men Shoe Size: L: 9-12(Men/US)/ 8.5-11.5(Men/UK); M: 7-8.5(Men/US)/8.5-11(Women/US)/6.5-8(Men/UK)/6.5-9(Women/UK); S: 5-7.5(Women/US)/ 3-5.5(Women/UK)
Per Stretcher Size: 56.5x7.5x7cm/22.2x3x2.76in
Per Stretcher Weight: 631g/1.4lbs
Package Size: 60x14x7cm/23.6x5.5x2.8in
Size S Package Weight: 1033g/2.3lbs
Size M Package Weight: 1103g/2.4lbs
Size L Package Weight: 1207g/2.7lbs

2x Boot Stretchers
8x Bunion Plugs
1x User Manual

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