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UV Bug Zapper - Silent Mosquito Killer, Odorless Trap, 2-Pack - Black -

UV Bug Zapper - Silent Mosquito Killer, Odorless Trap, 2-Pack - Black -

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Our electronic mosquito lamp with blue UV LED can be placed in a standing position or hung from a balcony or ceiling. Insects including flies and mosquitos will be naturally drawn to the light where they will make contact with the charged aluminum alloy grid and kill to death. Electrocution is efficient and does not produce unappealing aroma and non-toxic. A protective cage prevents accidental contact from kids and pets with the electrical grid ensuring safety. The lamp (UV light) attracts insects in the vicinity of 377 Square ft. Ideal for home, bedroom, office, kitchen, restaurant and shop, etc..

*EFFECTIVE INSECT KILLER: Lure mosquitoes by UV light and kills them instantly via high voltage grid especially for the incoming of hot summer. Highly effective to kill mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths and other flying bugs.

*NO TOXIC: Kill mosquitoes via electric shock with low noise, non-toxic, odor free, no spray and no environment pollution. Do no harm to the infants, pregnant mother and pets.

*360°TRAPPING: Our efficient electric mosquito killer has 360° mesh grid that increases zapping performance. The UV lamp attracts insects with the special (365 nm) wavelength in the vicinity of 377 Square ft.

*SAFE PROTECTION DESIGN: A mesh screen design to protect you and your family, preventing accidental contact with the electrical grid and keep your safety.

*EASY INSECT DISPOSAL: Unplug the unit from the socket and pull the tray out from the bottom of the device. Remove the compartment and clean off dead insects by small brush (not included), then properly restore it to original position.

1. Keep it out of children’s or pets reach to avoid the danger caused by accidently getting hand into the slots and touching the grid around the trap lamp. It works in the electric line with the voltage of 110V.
2. Keep it away from water to prevent malfunctions.
3. Clean this lamp timely is necessary to keep the effects.
4. Place the lamp in dark environment.
5. Check the electric circuit regularly and turn off when leaving home for a long period.
6. Turn on the lamp 1 Hr earlier before go to sleep to lessen the mosquito.

Brand: iMounTEK
Product Type: Mosquito Killer Lamp
Light Source: UV LED Light
Power Consumption: 6W
Voltage: 110V
Color Temperature: 30000K
Applicable Area: About 377 Square ft/35 Square m
Materials: ABS
Cord Length: 104cm/40.95in
Item Size: 29x13.5x13.5/11.42x5.32x5.32in
Item Weight: 417.5g/0.93lbs
Package Size: 33x15x15cm/ 13x5.9x5.9in
Package Weight: 648g/1.43lbs

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